Growth Investing Explained

Growth Investing: Explained…I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most successful growth investors in the world. I’m going to explain what growth investing actually IS… hint hint, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’m also going to break down the 3 types of growth stocks and how they perform in different market environments. Then I’ll share some growth investing wisdom that I’ve picked up over the years, give you some historical perspective, explain what’s driving the current rally, and point you to a few of my favorite books in case you want to learn more. Let’s start with what growth investing is, and is not.

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00:00 What is Growth Investing?
1:58 High Growth Stocks Explained
2:40 Quality Growth Stocks Explained
3:05 Growth Cyclicals Explained
4:50 Market History Examples
5:26 Don’t Fight The Fed
7:04 Beware of “This Time It’s Different”
8:05 Don’t Try to Pick Between Growth and Value
8:35 No Growth Trend Lasts Forever
10:05 How Do You Know When It’s Over?
10:30 Where Are We Today? (3 Drivers of Growth)
11:50 AI (4th Driver of Growth)
12:28 Books I Learned From

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