Happy FATHERS Day Portfolio Update 06.15.2024 #investment #passiveincome #stockmarket #investing

Welcome everyone to Vested Interest. This is Shane I’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who’s taken the time to watch, comment and like the videos and a special thanks to those who have subscribed to the channel I really do appreciate it. For those of you who may be stopping by for the first time on this channel we focus on dividend growth investing, buying stocks in good companies that pay growing dividends and hold for the long term. It’s not rocket science and, in my opinion, the best way to do anything is to keep it as simple as possible so it really boils down to consistently investing, Dollar Cost averaging into dividend growth stocks in growing companies, with positive cash flow, that covers the dividend and have a high return on invested capital. I cover all my investments and activity in the portfolio on this channel, I do not have a paid patron account, paid paywall to access or any other ways other youtubers use to charge you to see what they are doing. We all have enough to pay for, so it’s free to see what I’m doing in my portfolio every week, but if you’d like to help the channel take a second to hit the that thumbs up below, click the Subscribe Button and make sure the Notification Bell is turned on so you get notified whenever any new videos are posted. Join us on our journey to financial freedom join the Vested Interest community and drop a comment below and let us all know if you have started your journey to financial freedom as well.
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This is Shane signing off wishing Peace and Prosperity to you and yours and remember financial security comes to those who take a VESTED INTEREST. See you next time.
Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor