Why I Invest for High Dividend Income Over Growth

If you’ve been watching my channel for awhile you’ve probably realized that I stand out among other people on YouTube. While there’s plenty of other channels on this site that go over dividend growth stocks, but the number of people who pursue income investing or a mixture of dividend growth and income is pretty small. When I started this channel I didn’t expect to receive the amount of viewers or the number of subscribers I’ve gotten up to this point. But I think two reasons why views on this channel have been so high is because people have been genuinely curious about this style of investing and also, it filled an unfilled niche that wasn’t being met that people who invest for income were looking for.

In today’s video I wanted to go over why exactly I personally like to invest the way that I do. I love to focus on holdings that prioritize higher yields over growth. I love to target stocks that offer huge dividend yields in exchange for stocks that offer 1 or 2% yields but more share price appreciation. I don’t put all of my money into income stocks, I still hold some higher yielding growth stocks like Realty Income, Main Street Capital and Oak Tree Specialty Lending Corporation. But income is definitely my favorite type of investment in the stock market that I like to focus on.